Wireless axle load sensor

for air suspension

Wireless pressure sensor GNOM DDE S7 is used in transport telematics systems (GPS/GLONASS vehicle monitoring systems) to monitor axle loads, determine the axle load in vehicles equipped with air suspension, prevent exceeding axle loads.

Core features:
  • wireless data transfer using S7 Technology via BLE-channel
  • fast and easy integration in vehicle monitoring system
  • data is sent to GPS tracker and to the smartphone simultaneously
  • power supply from battery up to 5 years
  • explosion and fire safety without additional intrinsic safety barrier
  • no cables – improved resistance to vandalism or accidental damage
  • self-diagnosis function for operation quality monitoring

Load control and cargo weight control in vehicle tracking systems”

No fines exceeding existing limits

No underhand cargo, monitoring of place and time of loading/unloading Events

Maintenance сost reduction

Wireless axle load sensor’s GNOM DDE S7 fields of application:

GNOM DDE S7 is mounted in the air supply line or in the vehicle air suspension cushion. The sensor measures pressure of compressed air in the air suspension circuit which is changing depending on loading of vehicle. The more cargo is in the vehicle body, the more axle load is and the higher is the pressure in the vehicle pneumatic system.

GNOM DDE S7 may be employed for monitoring the vehicle axle load within the transport Telematics system (GPS/GLONASS vehicle monitoring systems) or for independent operation. Axle load sensor operates in BLE-radio mode, that means, data is sent to several devices at the same time: Bluetooth-display, smartphone, tablet. This enables the driver to monitor axle load and prevent overweight during loading and unloading works.

Sending data on axle load to the tracker via Bluetooth

This function provides an opportunity for several users to remotely monitor axle load of freight trucks at the same time:

  • using online monitoring system operator of the fleet may remotely track places and time of loading/unloading Events
  • receive Alarms on exceeding axle load limits and prevent unauthorized operation of vehicles (carrying underhand cargo)
  • a driver has an opportunity to monitor axle load during loading and unloading of the truck’s body
  • a mechanic can carry out diagnostics of the pneumatic system during vehicle inspection

 Compatibility of BLE-sensors with GPS trackers/telematics units

Like the other sensors based on S7 Technology (wireless fuel level sensor DUT-E S7 and wireless fuel flow meter DFM S7, axle load sensor GNOM DP S7 does not store data on axle load in an internal memory of the settings. Profile of the settings is being saved in the memory of the Receiver – telematics unit/GPS tracker or smartphone.

Transferring data on axle load via BLE to telematics unit or tracker

Axle load monitor mobile application is used to receive GNOM DDE S7 readings on a smartphone. The functionality of this application allows you to:

  • have control over the pressure in the vehicle pneumatic system
  • generate calibration table, which determines the correlation between the pressure in the air suspension circuit and axle load of the vehicle
  • keep control of readings on axle load using a calibration table
  • monitor the operation mode of the sensor
Installation of a wireless axle load sensor in the air suspension

Depending on the design particularities of air suspensions of different freight trucks and semi-trailers, and access for mounting operations, the following GNOM DDE S7 mounting locations and options of mounting schemes are possible:

The simplest way is to mount the sensor in the standard hole of the air supply line in the Vehicle air suspension cushion pad. The sensor is to be mounted here instead of the plug bolt (see figure 9) with M16x1.5 thread or by means of adapter nut M22x1.5 from GNOM MK DDE1 mounting kit (see delivery set), according to Mounting scheme 1.

Photo of the installation of axle load sensor in the air suspension cylinder. More photos and installation examples can be found in the installation gallery.

In case of using a fitting connector (T-connector/splitter) from GNOM MK DDE2 mounting kit, any convenient location in the place where the air supply lines of the Vehicle air suspension are connected is suitable.

Photo of the installation of the axle load sensor through a tee into the air suspension line. More photos and installation examples can be found in the installation gallery.

Technical specifications

Method of pressure measurement Piezoresistive
Pressure measurement range, MPa 0,1…1,4
Allowed tolerance of reducial error of pressure measurement, %, not more than ±1,0
Wireless data transfer interface Bluetooth 4.1
Transmitter power (Tx Power), dBm +4
 Transmitter sensitivity (Rx Power), dBm -88
Maximum distance between sensor and receiving device, m 20 (in case there are metal partitions) 50 (in conditions of direct visibility)
Number of BLE-compatible device receiving signal simultaneously Any number in GNOM DDE S7 transmitter’s operation rang
Data transfer interval, s 5
Estimated lifetime of the sensor (battery life), years up to 5*
Temperature range, °C -40…+80
Ingress protection rating IP67
Certificates of BLE module electromagnetic compatibility CE, FCC и IC, TELEC, BQE
Connection thread М16х1,5
Weight, g, not more than 0,15
Overall dimensions, mm, not more than 112×42
* Depending on ambient temperature and humidity.
** Using the adapter nut from the mounting kit GNOM MK DDE1.