Remote monitoring system for truck tankers


Fuel monitoring in compartments

Fuel temperature monitoring

GPS location tracking

Preventing fuel thefts

Engine health status

Truck tanker monitoring system provides precise fuel level and volume measurement in each compartment of cistern, also measurement of truck operating parameters, geolocation and route tracking using GPS/GLONASS , as well as driver’s behavior – accelerations, harsh breaking and turning, speeding, high RPMs.

Since the greatest value of tanker is the liquid cargo transported in cistern – the main goal of truck tanker monitoring system is to register and display status of liquid (diesel, biodiesel, kerosene, gasoline or other fuel): volume and temperature of liquid in cistern, if there were any manipulations with compartments of cistern (fuel theft, mixing with low-quality liquid) and places of liquid fill-up and delivery.

Technoton’s telematics solution provides monitoring of more than 250 operating parameters of fuel transportation and performance of truck.

Monitored Parameters

Fuel cistern goes online:

  • Precise measurement of fuel volume in each compartment, taking in account fuel type.
  • Monitoring of fueling and draining (discharging, delivery) in each compartment, including fuel theft
  • Fuel temperature monitoring in each compartment
  • Accurate measurement of fuel delivery volumes using flow meter, detection of data cheating attempts.

Truck is always connected:

  • Location and route tracking using GPS/GLONASS
  • Engine fuel consumption measurement, fuel usage by operation mode – idling, optimal, overload.
  • Measuring current fuel volume in truck’s tank, fill-up volumes and detecting fuel theft
  • Driver behavior profiling – acceleration, breaking, turning, speeding, inefficient or dangerous driving.
  • Engine health diagnostics (ECU malfunctions) and predictive technical maintenance of  wearing-out assemblies.
Truck tanker monitoring system

Reports, options, notifications

Intervention notifications
  • Engine operating time in “Tampering” mode, h
  • Engine operating time in “Interference” mode, h
  • Fuel consumption in “Tampering” mode, l
Data from standard sensors

MasterCAN DAC converts various types of analogue signals (voltage, frequency, pulse, discrete, resistive)  to digital  for further transfer to S6 interface.
It povides data from standart (basic) sensors

Fuel consumption
  • Total fuel consumption, L
  • Total fuel consumption in “Idling” mode of engine operation
  • Total fuel consumption in “Optimal” mode of engine operation
  • Total fuel consumption in “Overload” mode of engine operation
Engine operation parameters
  • Engine speed
  • Oil pressure
  • Oil level
  • Coolant temperature
  • Operating time (engine hours)
  • Total time, h
  • Total time in “idling”, “optimal”, “overload” operation mode
Products used in solution

DFM Industrial flow meter

Fuel delivery volumes measurement

Fuel level sensor DUT-E 2Bio

Monitoring of fuel amount in each compartment of cistern.

DFM-D flowmeter

Measures fuel consumption in truck fuel line.

Telematics gateway CANUp

Received data analysis and report generation.

FMS gateway FMSCrocodile

Data integration from one or more automotive buses

Monitoring server

Received data display.