Axle load sensor GNOM DDE

Pressure sensor GNOM DDE is used to determine the axle load in vehicles equipped with air suspension in transport telematics systems.
Pressure sensor measures the pressure in the vehicle pneumatic system and transmits data as an analog signal to telematics terminal. It is recommended to use online terminals gateway CANUp  to organize transport tracking with axle load and weight monitoring or use MasterCAN Display 35

Load control and cargo weight control in vehicle tracking systems
No fines exceeding existing limits
Driver monitoring, no underhand cargo

GNOM DP application


  • compliance with European and Russian automobile standards;
  • the linear characteristic of the output signal simplifies data processing by a fleet monitoring system;
  • the output signal is stabilized and doesn’t depend on onboard voltage;
  • short circuit and cords confusion protection;
  • mounting elements included.

Operation Principles

GNOM DDE operation principle is based on transformation of compressed air pressure into output voltage. Tensoresistive bridge is used as a transducer. The output of the sensor generates stabilized analog voltage signal. Voltage signal varies depending on pressure in the vehicle air suspension circuit coming through the inlet thread fitting to the transducer.

Inlet pressure, MPa 0…0.8
Supply voltage, V 8…32
Ingress Protection Rating IP55
Thread М16х1,5
Operating temperature, °С -40…+80
Weight, g, not more than 150